I am a photographer that lives in Kechikan Alaska, which is in the SouthEast part of the state.  I enjoy taking pictures of God’s beauty that He displays in both nature and wildlife.  As my wife and I have traveled the states, I also have acquired a large collection of travel photographs. Here in Ketchikan I also have enjoyed taking pictures of many of the cruise ships that pass through here from spring to fall every year. Recently I received my drone pilot’s license and I am starting to take pictures and videos with our DJI Phantom 4. I have always enjoyed and used Sony cameras, currently I use a A77ii. I have created so far 1 tourist DVD, “A day in Ketchikan”. My wife an I have published several E-Books, Steve’s book of birds vol.1, that displays some of our bird picture collections, was our first E-Book. Our 2nd E-book, Alaskan Eagles, shows a lot of eagles in their natural habitat. Our 3rd is Totems in and near Ketchikan Alaska, this displays several of the totem poles found in Ketchikan. Our 4th is Cruise ships thru Ketchikan Alaska, this one displays many of the cruise ships that have traveled thru Ketchikan. Another of our E-Books is Hawaii as seen thru an Alaska viewfinder, this displays many of our pictures fro our visits to Hawaii. Then my wife completed her first E-Book, Reflections, a Christian woman’s view this shares some important info that she felt God shared with her. All of these books are available on Amazon. My photography has been published many times in our online local paper, http://www.Sitnews.us. Also I have won a few photography contests. The above pictures sum up what I like to take pictures of; eagles, bears, nature, sunsets/sunrises, travel and cruise ships.

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