Shirt designs

So with all this extra time, I designed a few shirt designs that make a statement. If your interested I can also put the designs on lots of other products, ie hats, phone cases, pillows, lights, clocks and much more, just leave a message, thanks.

Photowhoa overlays

There are lots of add ons and overlays that photographers can use to enhance/chance their pictures. One company that I have ordered a few things thru is “Photowhoa”. I am pleased with the results of the pictures. The overlays work easy and look good.

Here are a few pictures that I just did using overlays.SONY DSC

I added the colored reflection and the laser lights.


I added the snow falling, and the sparkler.

Check them out, they also have really good customer service.


Free Pictures

clouds-dark-lightning-1118869As a photographer I usually only like to use my own pictures for various projects. Sometimes that’s not feasible especially in blogs or websites. Up to this point I have only used my pictures , but I wanted to share a site that I just found, in case you’re not a photographer or need a picture that you don’t have access to. The site is they have thousands of public domain pictures that you can use in your blogs, websites or for other use, all free. Yes free is a good thing. Hope this info helps someone out there.

Waterfall 1

There is a waterfall that’s about 10 miles South of Ketchikan Alaska. The water flows like this year around. When taking pictures of a waterfall try to have your camera on something steady to help reduce shake. Also if you adjust the shutter speed to a little slower then your water is more blurry and some people like that effect. If capturing video make sure your sound is not hindered or interrupted.