The Unseen

Have you ever seen the air?

I have seen it when it is polluted.

You have seen the results of pollution added to the air, but not the air itself. What about the wind, have you ever seen the wind?

I see it when the leaves fall or when the trees sway.

Those again are the results of the wind, but not the wind itself. What about love, have you actually ever seen love?

I have seen the results of love, or love in action, or the causes or results of love.

Ok, one more for you, have you ever seen gravity?

I believe that gravity has the same answer as the others, I can see the result of it, but not actually it.”

You have learned well, my son, teach this to others

Just like the air, wind, love and gravity are the unseen spiritual realm, yes I’m talking of angels and demons, I’m talking about spiritual warfare. We can see the results of their involvement in peoples lives, both good and bad. I have heard of a baby picked up and landed safely from a tornado (the good), we all have heard about some random violence or shooting someplace (the bad). The Bible speaks both about angels and demons. It speaks of angels with a flaming sword, angels that were delayed in responding, angels that went before people in several battles. The Bible also spoke of those that were under the influence of the demonic, one guy that beat up seven brothers and sent them running away, naked and scared, another guy who lived in the tombs and would harass the villagers. To learn more about what the Bible has to say, do a word search for angels or demons. The truth is that both are real. Sometimes what people credit as good or bad luck, can actually be involvement from either a angel or a demon. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Some have said, “well I was just following the voices in my head, so I ….”, think before you act, could this be a angel or a demon trying to help you or use you as a pawn. The Bible talks of preparing oneself for the battle, learn God’s word, apply it to your live, in those times that you feel like your being attacked by something unseen, cry out to Jesus. By His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is the Lord, even the demonic shutter at His name. He can help. If this intrigues you, get involved in a Bible teaching, believing and preaching church in your area, or find one online.