The Unseen

Have you ever seen the air?

I have seen it when it is polluted.

You have seen the results of pollution added to the air, but not the air itself. What about the wind, have you ever seen the wind?

I see it when the leaves fall or when the trees sway.

Those again are the results of the wind, but not the wind itself. What about love, have you actually ever seen love?

I have seen the results of love, or love in action, or the causes or results of love.

Ok, one more for you, have you ever seen gravity?

I believe that gravity has the same answer as the others, I can see the result of it, but not actually it.”

You have learned well, my son, teach this to others

Just like the air, wind, love and gravity are the unseen spiritual realm, yes I’m talking of angels and demons, I’m talking about spiritual warfare. We can see the results of their involvement in peoples lives, both good and bad. I have heard of a baby picked up and landed safely from a tornado (the good), we all have heard about some random violence or shooting someplace (the bad). The Bible speaks both about angels and demons. It speaks of angels with a flaming sword, angels that were delayed in responding, angels that went before people in several battles. The Bible also spoke of those that were under the influence of the demonic, one guy that beat up seven brothers and sent them running away, naked and scared, another guy who lived in the tombs and would harass the villagers. To learn more about what the Bible has to say, do a word search for angels or demons. The truth is that both are real. Sometimes what people credit as good or bad luck, can actually be involvement from either a angel or a demon. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Some have said, “well I was just following the voices in my head, so I ….”, think before you act, could this be a angel or a demon trying to help you or use you as a pawn. The Bible talks of preparing oneself for the battle, learn God’s word, apply it to your live, in those times that you feel like your being attacked by something unseen, cry out to Jesus. By His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is the Lord, even the demonic shutter at His name. He can help. If this intrigues you, get involved in a Bible teaching, believing and preaching church in your area, or find one online.

The weight of a snowflake

We live in the SE part of Alaska. Often we do not have too bad of winters here, often it may snow a few times during the winter, then the snow melts after a few days or is washed away by rain and warmer temps. That’s a normal winter for us. Well the other day at our house we received over two feet of snow over night, for us, that was a lot. Then I started to think about snow. I’m sure if one did research I’m sure that someone somewhere figured out the weight of a single snowflake. The actual value really isn’t that important for what I feel I need to share today with you. I have seen trees that have had their branches broken off because of the weight of the snow accumulation upon them. I have heard of roofs caving in due to the excess weight of the snow accumulation. Heavy snow falls have caused major accidents and has caused many deaths as well. As I was wondering about a single snow flake,

God spoke to my spirit and shared that just as damaged can be cause by the accumulation of snow, we can harm ourselves as we allow the cares of this world to bring us down, to over tax our lives. Stresses, worries, finances, health concerns, aging parents, family, jobs, car troubles all add to our well being. Little by little they accumulate just like single snowflakes do, they can burden us down until we feel that we have no way out, a place of no escape. DON’T Listen to these LIES, you are of value, as each person is. Talk with someone, a friend, a pastor, a parent, a teacher, a coworker, a family member. Don’t allow the weight of the “snow” in your life to break you,or to pile up and cause you a major avalanche in your well being.

A friend of a friend

Living in SE Alaska can be challenging at times, many places wont’t ship their products to Alaska without charging lots for shipping. We do have a hospital in Ketchikan, but for major things it’s often better either to fly toSeattle (1 hr 40 min) or to fly to Anchorage (about a 5 hr flt). The other day my wife said that she was having trouble with one of her eyes, so I called the local eye clinic, explained that she had a area of blackness in her sight of one eye. They wanted her in to the clinic instantly. About a half hr later we were there, they did an exam and said that she had a tear in her retina and needed emergency surgery or would loose vision in that eye. A friend at our church made a phone call to her friend and explained the situation, turns out that our friend’s friend also went to church and believed in the same Bible that we do. This friends friend picked us up in Anchorage at the airport, took us to my wife’s eye exam appointment, her and her husband opened their house to us, as if we had been friends all our lives. My wife’s surgery was scheduled a few days later as they didn’t do surgery over the weekend. The husband of my wife’s friend friend took us to the surgery place today. I am writing this from the surgery waiting room, as my wife is in surgery now. It has been said that you don’t know what you don’t know, which is true, but I would like to change it, you don’t know your friends friends often, but when you have a chance they can be a true answer to prayers and the strength and blessing that you may need in times of distress, times of trials and troubles. I also believe maybe when FB started that’s why it would recommend your friends friend as a possible friend to you. If you get a change meet some of your friends friends expand your people circle, there are many good people out there.

The Banqueting Table

Have you ever been to a real feast, where there was more food then there was time to consume it? If you believe in the bible, then one day we will feast with Jesus. He said that where he went, He went to prepare a place for us. There is a Christian song that talks about God’s love and having us at His table. That song kept resonating in my mind and in my heart. I started a animation with that concept. It’s not finished, need lots more food and more people, but its a start. I used DAZ 3D, IClone, Character Creator Premier Pro to help with creating it.

Jesus appears in the sky

The word “Rapture” does not appear in the Bible. What is it? many online sites define it as “Jesus Christ appearing in the sky calling all of His believers to Heaven”. I made 1 picture about 5 years ago, but, believe it or not I couldn’t really find a picture of Jesus, that I could use. So since I have recently got into 3-D modeling I decided I needed to make a better image of Jesus instead of using the Brazil statue of Him. So here are the two scenes that I created, using Photoshop, DAZ 3-D and Digital Juice.

This is downtown Ketchikan Alaska.
This is a beach near Ketchikan Alaska.

Some shirt designs

So I’ve been using some spare time to start creating some shirt designs and after months of waiting, was finally able to be approved to start to market them on Amazon, by using their “Merch on Amazon” site. If you have plans on trying this yourself, be forewarned that it usually takes a few months to be approved. So here are the designs that we’ve come up with so far.