Black Bears

Living in Alaska, on a remote island, in the second largest rain Forrest in the world (I believe), one might expect to see some animals. Well here in Ketchikan, one of those animals is black bears. From spring until fall there are a few locations where you can see bears in the wild, not in a cage or in a zoo. But real live, untrained, sometimes uncaring bears. We have lived here 10 years and it never gets old. We have had them in our front yard, just passing on through several times. Sometimes we just go and watch them fish.

Often about this time you can see mama bear with a cub or two.

if you get a chance to make it to Alaska and see the bears, just remember they are not pets, this isn’t a zoo, they are not trained. Don’t go near them if you have food. A bear will do what a bear will do. Don’t get between mama and her cubs. Enjoy the beauty, thank God that you get a chance to see nature and wild animals, take pictures and memories, just don’t ruin it for those who live here.

Waterfall 1

There is a waterfall that’s about 10 miles South of Ketchikan Alaska. The water flows like this year around. When taking pictures of a waterfall try to have your camera on something steady to help reduce shake. Also if you adjust the shutter speed to a little slower then your water is more blurry and some people like that effect. If capturing video make sure your sound is not hindered or interrupted.

Real Alaska

So many people have no idea about Alaska, some think it’s West of Mexico others think that it’s smaller then Washington. The truth is that Texas is Alaska’s little sister. This depiction over the U.S. map shows it’s real size. The vastness, the size between towns and villages, the untouched wilderness. There are still unexplored parts. The population of the whole state last I heard was still below 800,000. A lot of towns in the lower states have that much or more. This has been home for the last 18 years. The wildlife is so increadable, the landscapes are so open. I believe everyone needs to visit the state sometime either on a cruise or a trip to Anchorage or Fairbanks, or watch the ididarod dog race. We do speak English, we do not live in igloos. There is not 6 months of darkness and 6 months of light. Alaska really is the last great frontier. There are many great people who call the 49th state home.

Lighthouse, Totems and Eagles tour Ketchikan AK

So here is another quick video I made for the LTE tour in Ketchikan Alaska. The tour is about 3 1/2 to 4 hours in length. They pick people up on the cruise ship dock then take you to their boat. This just shows more highlights. They give you a snack on the boat during the tour. The boat captains get you close to the Totems and the light house. The Totems are one of Alaska’s state parks, Totem Bight. The lighthouse is on Guard Island near Ketchikan.