The Sound of Music

While traveling along the Eastern part of the U.S. of A. I heard about a place that I knew my wife would love to visit. It is located in Stowe Vermont. It is the Trappp Family lodge. This was the family that was portrayed in “The Sound of Music” movie many years ago.

One of many signs along the way

I had scheduled dinner reservations ahead of time. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was very relaxing and very beautiful. There was a gentleman that was playing the piano and selling some of his cd’s, he was a very talented individual. We also went on a wagon ride of the property which was relaxing.

The wagon ride.

We went during the fall (Early Oct.) so the trees were all very nice and bright.

The Lodge

We did not stay the night there, as we had other travel plans, but many people were. If your travels take you through Vermont I would recommend this place to visit, especially if you or someone who your traveling with enjoys that movie.

Waterfall 1

There is a waterfall that’s about 10 miles South of Ketchikan Alaska. The water flows like this year around. When taking pictures of a waterfall try to have your camera on something steady to help reduce shake. Also if you adjust the shutter speed to a little slower then your water is more blurry and some people like that effect. If capturing video make sure your sound is not hindered or interrupted.

Real Alaska

So many people have no idea about Alaska, some think it’s West of Mexico others think that it’s smaller then Washington. The truth is that Texas is Alaska’s little sister. This depiction over the U.S. map shows it’s real size. The vastness, the size between towns and villages, the untouched wilderness. There are still unexplored parts. The population of the whole state last I heard was still below 800,000. A lot of towns in the lower states have that much or more. This has been home for the last 18 years. The wildlife is so increadable, the landscapes are so open. I believe everyone needs to visit the state sometime either on a cruise or a trip to Anchorage or Fairbanks, or watch the ididarod dog race. We do speak English, we do not live in igloos. There is not 6 months of darkness and 6 months of light. Alaska really is the last great frontier. There are many great people who call the 49th state home.