Choking – please read and share

This year I have had two serious choking events. The first was earlier this year and I was at work and took my first bite of a hot dog. Guess it’s not good to try to eat a third of a dog in one bite. A piece of hot dog got stuck in my throat and would not go up or down. I coughed up some so thought that was that. But got home and was unable to drink or eat anything, but I could talk fine. Finally the next day I went to the ER, and they ran a few tests and next thing I know I’m having emergency surgery. That turned out to be a $10,000 hotdog. Thank God for health insurance. So people at my work bought me a hotdog slicer and offered to cut my food at for me. The doctors said I really needed to drink more before I ate anything, so I started. Then recently I went out to dinner with family and went to a steak place. I drank a full cup of water then took my first steak bite and it happened again. Instantly I new I had a piece wedged in my throat again. So I got online and tried to find so remedies, I found a suggestion to drink some vinegar, so I tried so rice vinegar once I got home, that didn’t work it only really hurt my teeth really bad. Tried drinking coke as that was suppose to help dissolve it, this also did not work. Finally someone told me to crush up some alka seltzer and to put that at the back of your throat then to drink some water. I tried this twice and finally it worked. Though the foaming at the mouth sure made me to look like I had rabies. Please pass this on to anyone who eats fast or for people who are in a rush. Glad to be here to live another day still. I now am slowing down more when I eat and drinking more. Also I carry a pack of alka selter in my wallet at all times now.

Start a business that has been around

There are many online businesses out there, I believe that there are opportunities and possibilities online to make money.  Many come and go, but what if I told you that one has been around since the late 50’s. What if I said that this business started small and now is world-wide. It offers you the chance to follow your dreams and create new ones. What would it be like to be your own boss. Not to wake up by an alarm clock, to take to months off and to travel the world and have it count as a business trip? What if I told you that this business opportunity would only cost you $10,000 to have true financial independence? What if I said you could do as much or as little as you want, it’s all up to you. What if I said it didn’t cost $10,000 but only $1000, would that interest you? many people falsely believe that the more something costs the more it’s really worth. This is not true. What if I said you could start your own business for under $200, yet with work it could one day be worth thousand or maybe even a million. This is not something new, it’s not a get rich quick scam. Is it easy? Yes ! is it legit ? Yes !. Is it a scam ? No ! Does it take time and commitment from you ? Definitely ! It’s called a two to five-year plan. It will work, if you put the time and effort in. It doesn’t matter your economic status, your race, religion, social status, what you have or haven’t done in the past. None of that matters. Interested ? Curious ? Of course I am speaking of the Amway corporation that started in Michigan in 1959 with two individuals. Today this business has made more millionaires than any other business out there. It’s not a door to door soap selling company. there is so much more from where they started. They care about the environment, the were “green” before it was the cool thing. They have so many opportunities, so many products, they have the best vitamins and health supplements out on the market, period. They are the ones that set the standard for other businesses. Check our online catalog at:

Some people specialize in their cosmetic line, Artistry. Some people just are impressed with their health supplements and share those with their friends. Others want independence rom a job and a boss and have dreams and visions of where they want to be. This is the vehicle tha can get anyone anyplace they want. Want a few hundred each moth ? this can help. What to get rid of all your debts? this can do that also. How far and what you do is all up to you.

Sure there are haters out there. People who will tell you 57 reasons why you cant do this or why it won’t work for you. But do they offer anything better ? Anything that has been around as long ? Anything with a proven track record ? No they can’t. Hope you check this opportunity out. Then put it on the back burner, give it some thought, conduct your own research, prove it wrong. You won’t be able to. This system works. And you can work it from your home, in your free time.1067125_metalDollar_Layered_Landscape1

Don’t worry about the weight

So many people worry day by day what the scale says. If that’s you then maybe you need a different scale. Check out these ideas of ours, that also share some of our photography.